Products and Services

We build G3Edge, a versatile web platform for storing, hosting and visually exploring internal and external multiomics data. It provides data management soultions for datasets with millions of samples or cells. G3Edge is designed to be user-friendly so that it empowers computational and field/clinical scientists to explore, validate and share on the same platform. Our goal is to make data more accessible to scientists with various expertise, and to make results reproducible and transparent.


  • Blazing fast

  • User friendly interface

  • Save and share results/views with collaborators conveniently

  • Integrated with analysis pipelines, with additional functionalities such as project management and job monitoring

  • Easy to install, on the premise or on cloud

We’re constantly adding new features and improving the product. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us.

G3Bio Services

G3Bio also provides data services, help load and integrate internal and external datasets, and build locally-run and cloud-enabled analysis pipelines.

  • Sample metadata/clinical data

  • DNA somatic mutation: gene mutation (usually in MAF or VCF format)

  • Copy number variation: Continuous (e.g. log2ratios) and discrete (e.g. from Gistic2 calls) CNV

  • DNA Methylation: methylation beta values

  • RNA expression - Bulk tissue : gene expression

  • miRNA expression: microRNA gene expression

  • Protein expression - RPPA : protein expression

  • Metabolomic data : metabolite profiling

  • Gene dependency data: gene dependency scores from CRISPR/RNAi screening

  • Comparison data: a table of genes with associated p-values, fold-changes, and other statistics

  • Single cell data: scRNA, scATAC, ADT (including mtx, hd5a or loom formats)

G3Bio Technology

  • Browser/server framework with RESTful API

    Our software is built upon the framework of RESTful API between browser clients and server. It supports users to use multiple-tabs independently in one browser.

  • Cross-platform and multi-browser support

    Our server runs on both Linux with Apache/Nginx and Windows with Internet Information Services (IIS). It supports Windows Edge, Firefox and Chrome on Windows and Linux, and Safari on Mac.

  • High-performance file storage and data structures

    Our framework has optimized file storage and data structures for different types of ‘big’ biological data. For example, our internal tests show superior performance on a data matrix with 4 million samples/cells and 50,000 genes.

  • Efficient memory management

    By partially reading and writing files in small chunks, we build our system that can run with as low as 1GB memory.

  • Seamless integration with external technologies

    Our framework supports multiple relational databases, including SQLite and Oracle, container-based technologies like docker and singularity, and storage/computing on Amazon Cloud (AWS).

  • Interactive and advanced charts

    Our client embeds D3-based javascripts to achieve flexible and interactive charting.

  • Security

    Secured transfer of data and encrypted storage of sensitive information.

  • Flexible and versatile installation

    G3Edge application can be installed on premise, local servers, or on cloud. Users have full control over their own data.